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Innovative MINI+ is a gluten-free heme-iron powder with no added sugar or additives. MINI+ provides an iron-rich childhood for all children!

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Our heme-iron powder makes it much easier to meet the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations* for children's daily iron intake. MINI+ consists only of carefully selected high-quality ingredients - it is also free from additives.

MINI+ is the natural top choice for health-conscious parents seeking a good way to enrich their children's diet with iron. Iron contributes to normal cognitive function in children.

Children begin to develop iron deficiency as early as around 6 months of age, as their innate iron stores diminish. That's why the introduction of an iron-rich diet becomes very important. Why? Well, because insufficient iron negatively affects the development of the child's brain.

Research shows that there is a negative correlation between iron deficiency (even mild) early in life and impaired neuropsychological functions later in life. Iron deficiency in young children can manifest later as, among other things, behavioral disorders and learning difficulties in school age.*

MINI+ makes it easy to enrich the diet with iron in a good way and can be added to almost any food. We believe that MINI+ works particularly well in pancakes, porridge, smoothies, homemade squeeze bags, and vegetable patties, but it is really only your own imagination that is the limit with MINI+.

When various types of iron-rich foods such as offal have disappeared from our modern diet, other ways are needed to meet iron needs. But many iron-fortified products today contain non-heme iron, milk, and/or cereals. Iron absorption can then be inhibited by calcium found in dairy products (e.g., milk) and phytic acid found in various types of cereals. Additionally, the body absorbs heme-iron, the type of iron that MINI+ consists of, much more easily.

All children need a good source of iron - MINI+ is the #1 choice for health-conscious parents!




For children from 7 months up to 6 years, our recommended daily dose is 4 mg of iron, equivalent to 4 scoops of MINI+. The recommendation is always in consideration with the overall dietary intake. Each package contains 250 grams of MINI+ (approximately 115 scoops), enough for about one month's supply.

MINI+ is a heme-iron powder which can iron-fortify almost any food. We recommend it especially in oat pancakes, porridge, smoothies, homemade squeeze bags, homemade bread/buns and vegetable patties.

Each scoop contains 1 mg of iron, so 4 scoops provide a total of 4 mg of iron.

It's important to note that MINI+ is a dietary supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. It's not intended for edical use and should be kept out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. MINI+ is sensitive to moisture and should be stored dry. 4 scoops equals 4 mg of iron (recommended daily dose), which equals 29% of DRI. (DRI is an EU standard calculated for adults.)


Organic gluten-free OAT flour, hemoglobin powder (from beef), blueberry powder from the north of Sweden (PLOG®). Contains 73% organic ingredients. SE-EKO-01

Net weight: 250 grams = 1 month of use.

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Iron (heme-iron)